Go here for details on the construction of Pac-Mamea!


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Here's a few goodies for all of you!   Just some stuff that I've found useful in my project, and hopefully you will too!   (As usual, I take no responsbility for your use of these files.)


  • Zipped Plans  Simplified plan drawings to aid in the design of your own rotating control panel cabinet.  Feel free to distribute these, but please do not sell!  For non-commercial use only.



  • Arcade parts models in 3DS format  These are low-detail models of the arcade parts used in planning Pac-Mamea.  Includes Happ parts (Super Joystick, Horizontal Pushbutton, Small Illuminated PB, Cabinet Handle, and Marquee Retainer.)  Also includes Oscar Pro Spinner, Ultimarc E-Stick, Star Wars Yoke, and Raider Pro grip on a Happ Super base.  Dimensions for all controls account for microswitches (without tabs) and shaft spacers for wooden control panels.  The models will work in any software that can import .3ds files, but the scale and texture mapping may not be correct outside of 3D Studio Max.




Mame hacks

  • Terminator 2 keyboard LED hack by Dave Widel - If you have an original T2 gun, you can hack the LEDs and recoil solenoid to the keyboard LEDs, for real T2 action!  The gun's recoil is synced perfectly with the in-game gun sound effects, just like the arcade!   Way cool.  The contents of this zip file replaces the file wmsyunit.c in the MAME source code (src/drivers).  Note: You will need to be very good with electronics to design a circuit that can be used with this.  There are some designs around the BYOAC forums that may help, but the rest is up to you.  Neither myself nor the author take any responsibility for any damage that may result.


Go here for details on the construction of Pac-Mamea!

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