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Customizing Windows

Pac-Mamea currently runs Windows 2000 Professional.  In keeping with the custom nature of Pac-Mamea, I thought it would be cool to make a custom "skin" for Windows and the frontend.
I found a tutorial online which shows how to replace the startup and shutdown screens in Windows, and customized these using my existing cabinet artwork.  Here you can see my custom startup screen.  I usually hibernate my arcade PC when I'm done playing, so everything loads right back up in the state I left it.  I also made a custom hibernation screen.


Skinning Emulaxian

Since I decided to use the awesome Emulaxian frontend for running my emulators, I wanted to take advantage of its skinning feature.   Here I used my marquee and side artwork to make a custom background for Emulaxian.

One of the many cool features of Emulaxian is its ability to display a customized "help" screen for each game in the game list.  This was particularly helpful for my cabinet, as you can see which control panel is needed for a particular game, as well as seeing which button does what, all by just pressing the player 2 start button.  The help screens also show which butons to use when selecting games and navigating thru the frontend.  I made these help screens using rendered frames of my 3D cabinet model.
Lastly, here is a list of the gaming software in Pac-Mamea:
  • MAME (latest version) with Emulaxian frontend
  • Visual Pinball with PinMame
  • Daphne laserdisc game emulator with Space Ace and Dragon's Lair :)
  • PCAEWin Atari 2600 emulator
  • Vice Commodore 64 emulator
  • Any PC games I can get to work with Windows XP!





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