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Build Your Own Arcade Controls (BYOAC)
The premier site for the home arcading community.  New products, tools, tips, techniques, software, artwork, arcade parts vendors, message boards and chat.  See you there!

MAME Official Site
The source for all things MAME, including the MAME arcade emulator software,  source code, ports for various platforms, a message board, and all types of information on the latest releases and supported games.

Happ Controls
The major source for real arcade parts.

The Real Bob Roberts
A great guy and a legend in the arcade biz.  The same Happ parts at much lower prices.  Bob provided most of the parts for Pac-Mamea.  Highly recommended!

Oscar Controls
The preferred spinner manufacturer of BYOACers.  Kelsey was a big help on my project, and is also very active in the BYOAC community.  He also makes joystick restrictors and custom spinner knobs.  A great resource for how-to's, arcade artwork, and even arcade fonts!

Ultimate Arcade Controls, the source of the best interface devices for home arcading.  Andy offers the I-Pac (for joystick/button interfacing), J-Pac (for interfacing Jamma cabinet harware to your PC), and the Opti-Pac (for interfacing optical devices like spinners and trackballs).  He also carries many kinds of 4/8-way switchable arcade joysticks!  Andy is also a great source for how-to's and technical information.

Emulaxian/3D Arcade
In my opinion, Emulaxian is the best all-around frontend for MAME, and supports other emulators and software as well.  The result is a single, attractive, heavily arcade-themed, skinnable interface for your arcade experience.  The most amazing thing about Emulaxian is the built-in 3D Arcade -- literally a first-person arcade environment that you walk through!  Walk up to any arcade cabinet, and play the game!  Complete with arcade background sound, interactive lighting, and even animated people in the background.  Must see to believe!

The only emulator currently available for playing classic Laserdisc games.  If you want to play Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, Cliff Hanger etc, this site tells you how!

Visual Pinball
Ever get the urge to play some pinball in your living room?  Visual Pinball makes it possible to play dozens of classic tables on a single machine!  An awesome video pinball simulator/emulator, combined with the original pinball roms and sounds for the best possible recreation of the pinball experience, without the space constraints of real pinball machines!

Classic Arcade Game Artwork (CAGA)
The single best source of arcade game artwork, from side-art, to marquees, bezels, control panel overlays, instruction cards, it's all there, at high resolution!  Amazing!

More artwork links:
The Massive MAME Project - GFX
Oscar Controls - Gallery
FraggersXtreme.com - Museum
MAME'D PAJ - Links & Resources
The Dragon's Den
theLogBook.com presents the Arcade Artwork Archive


Go here for details on the construction of Pac-Mamea!

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